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Newcastle upon Tyne

At Alpha Male Grooming we believe that ‘Talent is in the choices’. This begins with your choice of salon. Your choice of stylist. The choices we believe you should make and we help you to achieve.

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The Alpha Male Service

  • Hair

    The AMG haircut. We firmly believe that ‘Talent is in the choices’ and when you chose AMG you won’t be disappointed in our talent.

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  • Grooming

    The beard, whilst not mentioning the distinctively obvious other part of an Alpha Male, is the thing that sorts out the men from the boys, as well as the ladies.

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  • Massage

    A relaxing quick and efficient massage that increases circulation, flexibility and tension. Talk about a stress buster.

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  • Vouchers/Packages

    When you’re not quite sure what to give an Alpha Male, give them everything. The perfect gift for the perfect gentleman.

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Alpha Male Products

At Alpha Male Grooming we stock a full range of American Crew grooming products.

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Created in July 2006 by Lee Hetherington and with over 60 years of combined experience in the fast growing male grooming market, the AMG revolution allows men to enjoy all aspects of male grooming under one very stylish roof.

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Alpha Male Grooming
1 Henry Street, Gosforth
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 285 2955

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